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Conventional Demolition

Conventional Demolition Key Benefits

  • Advantages: Proven technology, low environmental impact.
  • Equipment: Small machinery, manual labour.
  • Cost Saving: Applicable to small projects.
  • Safety: Ensured by skilled operatives.
Conventional demolition is that which has a large labour content, and uses small machinery. This is still applicable in the present for several reasons. A small contract often cannot efficiently use machines. Access to some sites can be too restricted for deployment of large equipment.
There are also instances such as removing a ‘slot’ between a larger demolition area and a structure to remain where this technique is employed. In cases where the top of a large building is to be removed while keeping some lower storeys, conventional again applies.
Conventional demolition includes the use of compressors, jackhammers and small loading machines, but the main element is the employment of skilled and experienced labour. Economy speed and above all safety rely on this.

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